Here are some helpful places:

There are many resources online. These are the sites I find most helpful.

The National ME/FM Action Network Ottawa Ontario:

Most provinces in Canada have their own societies, but not all. Contact the above for more information.

Open Medicine Foundation Canada:

Also refer to: based in the United States

Millions Missing: based in the United States but has societies in many countries:

In my opinion the Health Rising blog has the most complete information and plenty of resources. Cort Johnson, the founder and director has ME/CFS. He attends many of the National and International symposiums. He posts all the recent news from ME/CFS researchers all over the world. A very excellent site.

There are so many more. Plus many universities have genetic or immunology departments dedicated to  ME/FM research.

If you are experiencing mental health issues such as PTSD or suspect you have addiction problems, remember you are not alone in your struggles. Speak to your family doctor or call the many mental health phone lines in your area.