“Burning Rubber shares Kathryn’s raw, emotional journey when a trip overseas triggers mysterious health issues that force her into early retirement. Despite the pain and loss, Kathryn’s perseverance shines as she navigates grief, trauma, disability, and finding meaning. Her memoir inspires resilience.”

“Kathryn’s powerful memoir pulls you into her struggle with chronic illnesses that abruptly ended her nursing career. Her determination as she faces loss and disability shows the strength of the human spirit. An uplifting read.”

“Burning Rubber intimately explores how one trip set off a chain of events that turned a travel nurse, Kathryn’s life upside down. Her heart-wrenching memoir of disability, grief, and resilience will deeply move you.”

“Kathryn’s candid memoir captures her inspiring perseverance with an unseen illness that robs her career. Emotions shine through as she shares her journey back from rock bottom.”

“Burning Rubber shares one woman’s hard-won resilience as chronic illness forces big life changes. Kathryn’s uplifting memoir highlights courage in the face of loss.”

“Kathryn bares her soul in this memoir, exploring chronic illness, grief, trauma, and finding purpose after disability. Her perseverance will inspire. A raw, emotional journey.”

“Burning Rubber takes you inside one nurse’s devastating health crisis. Kathryn’s memoir highlights her courageous spirit as she faces down life-changing disability.”

“Kathryn turns adversity into inspiration in this uplifting memoir of chronic illness and rediscovering purpose. Her strength during great loss resonates with anyone struggling to overcome life’s challenges.”

“Burning Rubber illuminates the human capacity for resilience. Nurse Kathryn faces profound disability, grief, and trauma but stubbornly builds a meaningful life.”

“Kathryn’s emotional memoir captures her downward spiral after a fateful trip triggers mysterious illness. Burning Rubber is such an inspiring read about perseverance and hope.”